Angstfreie Schule - inlingua Berufsfachschule München

Anxiety-free learning – achieve your objectives, but not under pressure!

Our grading concept and its objectives:

All assessment, apart from the grades awarded for classwork, will either be announced in advance or voluntary. By dispensing with unannounced, obligatory assessment, particularly surprise tests and orals at the beginning of a lesson, we aim at reducing stress at school as far as possible and at encouraging personal responsibility in our students. We have been applying this concept for over a year now and the results have proved to be completely successful.

This system avoids the permanent feeling of being unable to cope which inevitably occurs in most students when the teaching staff expect perfectly prepared students at all times who can handle unannounced tests and mandatory oral examination.

Naturally, planned assessment such as the major tests and shorter ones therefore play a significant role in addition to the grading of oral contributions in class.

To complete this system and to further improve personal responsibility, students are invited to make voluntary contributions, for example by means of presentations, summaries of lessons or similar work; these are encouraged - and indeed welcomed!

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