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Subsidised German courses


Sie erhalten eine Förderung für einen Sprachkurs? Dann sind wir die richtigen Ansprechpartner für Sie!

inlingua Munich offers general integration courses (full-time) at all levels.

  • Programme
    Integration courses are subsidised language courses comprising a basic course followed by a consolidation course. Each course consists of 3 x 100 lessons of tuition, followed by an Orientation Course (100 lessons of tuition) covering the legal system, the culture and the history of Germany.
  • Important
    The Integration Course is a maximum of 700 hours long and ends with a test (DTZ=Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer + a test "Leben in Deutschland"). Participants who have already acquired some skills in German may start the course with a more advanced module. A placement test is used to ascertain the correct module. Regular attendance is mandatory.
  • Tuition times
    Monday to Friday from 08.15 to 12.30
  • Number of lessons
    25 lessons of tuition (45 minutes) per week
    700 units of tuition altogether
  • Prices
    € 2,29 per tuition unit = € 229 per month.
    The subsidised Integration Course costs € 2,29 per tuition unit. 100 hours, i.e. € 229 must be paid in advance on registration.
    You can be exempted from contributing to costs if you receive unemployment benefit II or social assistance, or if you find it difficult to pay the contribution because of your low income.Course material is not included.
  • Requirements
    Certificate of Eligibility or obligation note from the Aliens Department, the BAMF, or the Jobcenter.
  • Enrolment
    Every Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. *.
    Please register in advance by phone on 089 231153-0 or online for our placement test:
    Online registration for placement test
    Pease bring the original Certificate of Eligibility or Obligation and your ID card/passport to the placement test and for enrolment.
    *If you have already taken the placement test, you can register at any time during our business hours!
  • Earliest possible registration is six weeks before course start.
  • Students with existing skills can join classes every month.
  • Start Dates German courses
  • Dates & Fees 2020 (downloadable)

Vocational German language courses (BAMF/DeuFöV) funded by BAMF, the German Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees.

This is the right course for you if you can prove that you have already reached language level B1 or B2 and wish to further improve your knowledge of German for your job or job training.

  • Funding
    These language courses are designed mainly for immigrants. Funding is via your Employment Agency or Job Centre working together with the German Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees (BAMF). This is where you are given a Certificate of Eligibility or Obligation.
    Generally speaking, participation in a job-oriented German language course module is free of charge. If you are registered as seeking employment and not receiving benefits, you make a contribution yourself. We would be pleased to advise you on this matter.
  • Course content
    This course extends your knowledge of the German language in a job context. The lessons are oriented towards daily working life and include job situations, making you well prepared, language-wise, for a job or job training. You can improve your German to reach level B2 or C1. The course material is included.
  • Certificate
    Within the framework of the course, we prepare you intensively for specific examinations: telc vocational German B1/B2 or telc vocational German B2/C1. The examination is held at the end of the course and is included in the fees.
  • Course enrolment requirement
    Proof of attaining language level B1 or B2 by means of an official certificate (telc, Goethe, TestDaf) which is not older than 6 months, or by sitting the placement test at inlingua.
    Presentation of a Certificate of Eligibility or Obligation from your Employment Agency, your Job Centre or from the German Federal Agency of Migration and Refugees (BAMF).
  • Length of course
    • Module B1:
      16-week full-time course comprising 25 lessons per week = 400 lessons per module of 45 minutes each.
    • Module B2:
      20-week full-time course comprising 25 lessons per week = 500 lessons per module of 45 minutes each.
      20-week full-time online-course comprising 20 lessons per week = 400 lessons per module of 45 minutes each.
    • Module C1:
      16-week full-time course comprising 25 lessons per week = 400 lessons per module of 45 minutes each.
  • Tuition times
    Monday to Friday, 8:15 to 12:30 or 13.00 bis 17.15
  • Course venue
    inlingua Sprachschule München, Sendlinger-Tor-Platz 6, 80336 München.
  • Enrolment
    Only personal registration at the inlingua language school in Munich no earlier than 4 weeks before the start of the course.
    Personal enrolment at the inlingua Sprachschule. Please bring your Certificate of Eligibility/Obligation, proof of attaining language level B1 or B2 and your original document of identification (passport, residence permit or similar document).

  • Start Dates German courses & online booking
  • Dates & Fees (downloadable)