Our team

Claudia Cagica Carvalho

Proprietor and director  

Claudia Cagica Carvalho - inlingua Sprachschule München

Ute Erber

Personnel manager

Ute Erber - inlingua Sprachschule München

Monika Stengl

Corporate service

Monika Stengl - inlingua München Firmenservice

Monica Cirinna

Corporate service

Monica Cirinnà - inlingua München Firmenservice

Sonja Eberl

Marketing Manager

Sonja Eberl - inlingua Sprachschule München

Joe Gallego

Coordinator for English Studies and Digital Media

Joe Gallego - inlingua Sprachschule München

Michael Langhans

Director of Studies

Lehrer für Deutsch/ Englisch - inlingua Sprachschule München

Christine McVey

Student Advisor and customer service

Christine McVey - inlingua Sprachschule München

Ana Ribeiro

Customer service BAMF and exams

Karin Sadi

Corporate service

Karin Sadi - inlingua München Firmenservice
  • Patricia Cagica Carvalho
    Customer service and Social Media
  • Liliana Draghita
  • Stephanie Kaufmann
    Customer service
  • Angelina Mislinski
    Student advisor
  • Lucas Neuhauser
  • Francesca Sabadotto
    Student Advisor and customer service
  • Iman Fiona Thorpe
    Customer service


Uwe Bernau und Ehefrau Christel, geborene Reibnitz - inlingua Sprachschule München

Uwe Bernau (senior manager) and his wife Christel née Reibnitz

Kontakt und Anfahrt - inlingua Sprachschule München

took over the Munich inlingua language school from the Umlauf family on the 1st of January 1983 and expanded it further. In November 2017, the school was handed over to the current owner Claudia Cagica Carvalho, the Bernau’s daughter. Ute Erber née Bernau, is a partner and actively assists the company management.