Vocational school

Qualification as a publicly-certified foreign language correspondent

  • A career in languages?
    You’re looking for a profession that offers variety and a future? A job in which your personal commitment as well as communication with others are of utmost importance.

  • This is the shortest path to a crisis-proof job:
    We offer a state-approved 2-year course preparing you to work in foreign language communication in many different sectors of modern business.

Qualification as a publicly-certified foreign language correspondent

Job description

A wide range of jobs in any organisation operating internationally, e.g. in import/export, law, banking, insurance, authorities and institutes, IT, tourism, advertising and airlines:

  • commercial correspondence in foreign languages
  • translations
  • simple interpreting
  • telephoning in foreign languages
  • professional reception of foreign clients and business partners
  • other varied work

Alternatively: after successfully completing this course you can go on to college (BOS) to prepare for the subject-related (Fachabitur) or general (Abitur) German higher education entrance certificate, attend a specialised academy to become a translator and interpreter, or train to be a multi-lingual EU correspondent.

  • State-approved vocational certificate in only 1-2 years
    After only 2 years you can obtain a state-approved qualification that is in demand and can lead to a variety of jobs! If you already have the German higher education entrance certificate, you can shorten the course to one year.   
  • Located in the heart of Munich
    Our school is really easy to get to from all directions as it is right at Sendlinger Tor.
  • Native speakers as teachers
    Language tuition is by native speakers. This guarantees highly efficient progress as you learn to think in the foreign language as well as hear and learn the correct pronunciation, among other advantages.
  • Friendly atmosphere and small classes
    You will feel at home at our school: small classes ensure learning in a positive and pleasant atmosphere with a very personal touch.
  • Individual personal support
    If you have any queries or need support, you can go to your teachers or to the principal at all times. The administrative office is also open and available to handle purely organisational matters.
  • Anxiety-free learning – achieve your objectives, but not under pressure!
    Our grading concept and its objectives: All assessment, apart from the grades awarded for classwork, will either be announced in advance or voluntary. By dispensing with unannounced, obligatory assessment, particularly surprise tests and orals at the beginning of a lesson, we aim at reducing stress at school as far as possible and at encouraging personal responsibility in our students. We have been applying this concept for over a year now and the results have proved to be completely successful. More details here
  • School trips abroad
    Once a year you are given the opportunity for total immersion in the foreign language and culture, gaining new experiences, e.g. in Dublin, Valencia, or wherever. Of course the trip will also be fun!
  • Company tours
    We go to interesting companies in Munich, e.g. BMW, as part of our business course.
  • Visits to the theatre and cinema - naturally to plays and films in the original.
  • Free Schools' Day – against political disenchantment and radicalisation
    On one day in the year a lesson is given by a member of the regional parliament. This is organised by the Association of Private Schools in Bavaria (VBP).
  • Conflict management training
    Train and extend your social skills with the support of an expert mediator/coach.
  • Job application training
    Special preparation for your job application is available with an external trainer to support your career start.
  • Support from A to Z
    We provide individual support from your first to your last school day and give you a good send off at the end of the course at a special event where the best pupils are distinguished.


We have been training foreign language correspondents at our vocational school for 37 years.

In 1997 we were officially granted state approval as a vocational school by the Government of Upper Bavaria. This means that our status is identical with that of a state-run school.

inlingua Munich provides a comfortable, manageable and personal environment for successful learning. There are only two parallel classes for each year. This guarantees that every student gets personal attention and nobody is left out.
Our bright, modern classrooms radiate a pleasant learning atmosphere.

English as major language

  • French or Spanish as secondary language
  • Economics
  • Third foreign language as optional subject included in price (Italian, Japanese, Russian)
  • Typing/text processing
  • German
  • Social studies

Intermediary secondary education certificate (secondary intermediate school /junior high school diploma, commercial college or academic high school, the "M" course or qualified school-leaving certificate ("QuaBi") from a secondary general school)

  • English skills at secondary school level (evaluation test)
  • No previous skills are necessary for French or Spanish as secondary language.
  • Applicants whose native language is not German are required to furnish proof of very good German skills.
  • prior knowledge of a second foreign language for Abitur [German qualification for university entrance] and Fachabitur [vocational diploma]
  • It is possible to reduce the training period to 1 year

Course contents are laid down in a curriculum issued by the Ministry of Education. Tests and unannounced tests are written in all subjects and count to towards continuous assessment.

  •     Review and completion of grammar
  •     Mastery of the language in written and spoken form
  •     Independent processing of commercial correspondence
  •     Applications
  •     Commercial skills and terminology, in particular with regard to banking and stock markets, foreign trade, transport and customs
  •     Translation of business letters and texts on economics and politics ranging from simple to average difficulty
  •     Dictation in the respective languages using articles on current topics from the economics sections of foreign newspapers
  •     Making telephone calls in the foreign language
  •     Economic geography, regional studies, culture and politics
  •     Straightforward conference interpreting
  •     EDP and text processing

Two school years …

  • The course may be shortened to a single school year for candidates with an academic high school certificate who can provide evidence of relevant skills in both foreign languages in an examination.
  • The full-time course comprises 30-32 hours of tuition per week. Core tuition times are 08:15 to 13:20, Mondays to Fridays.
  • The course commences on the first day of the official school year in the state of Bavaria. The vacations laid down by the state of Bavaria apply.
  • At the end of the first school year a report will be issued, which will entitle the candidate to proceed to the second year.

Diploma as publicly-certified foreign language correspondent

on passing the state examination subsequent to successful completion of the second school year.
The examination questions are set by the Bavarian Ministry of Education. The examination consists of a written and an oral section and takes place on the school premises.



Federal student support ("BAFÖG"): studying at our state-approved vocational school for foreign languages is recognised in terms of the German law covering student support.

  • Reductions on the Munich public transport system
  • Duration of study is credited by the Federal Insurance Institute for Employees.


Our teaching staff - a practised team

Our experienced, international team of academic staff with its high degree of commitment ensures that teaching is competent, practically oriented and professional - the best prerequisites for successfully qualifying

Language tuition is given by native speakers.
In this way you learn to think in the target language and also acquire the correct pronunciation.
It's important to us that you produce good results in a pleasant, positive atmosphere and that you enjoy learning.

  • Die zweijährige Ausbildung an der inlingua hat mir immer viel Spaß gemacht und ich konnte viel von den Lehrern lernen, sowohl für die Ausbildung als auch fürs Leben. Während meines Auslandsaufenthalts war ich vor allem für die praxisbezogenen Fächer, in denen wir frei Englisch sprechen oder englische Redewendungen lernten und über kulturelle Aspekte unterrichtet wurden, sehr dankbar.
  • Wer, wie ich auch, an fremden Sprachen und Kulturen interessiert ist, sollte definitiv über die Ausbildung an der inlingua nachdenken, da der Berufsabschluss viele Türen in diese Richtung öffnet und den Weg dorthin ebnet. Ich kann rückblickend sagen, dass es für meine berufliche Zukunft die beste Entscheidung war.
  • My time at inlingua and the skill set and knowledge it brought me has really helped me to excel in my current position. I guess that I am a very good example that the endeavours of my inlingua teachers bearing fruit. I appreciate their efforts greatly and want to thank all of you in this email for putting up with me :)
  • Rückblickend möchte ich die Zeit an der inlingua nicht missen, da sie mir ungeheuer viel Spaß gemacht hat und ich Fertigkeiten erworben habe, die mir mein ganzes Leben weiterhelfen werden, auch wenn ich nicht in meiner ursprünglich angedachten Laufbahn gelandet bin. Oft denke ich an die Zeit zurück und manchmal ertappe ich mich sogar, wie ich mir wünsche mal wieder für einen Tag eine inlingua-Schulbank zu drücken. Für einen sprachaffinen Menschen wie mich war die Zeit an der inlingua einfach ein Traum!
  • Ich baue sozusagen auf die Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin auf :) Die Ausbildung als Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin hat mir sehr, sehr viel gebracht, unter anderem den Ausbildungsplatz. Denn Roche ist ein internationales Unternehmen mit Standorten weltweit. Ich habe die Chance für einige Zeit ins Ausland zu gehen und dort zu arbeiten.
  • Ich möchte mich nochmal bei allen von Ihnen für die schöne Zeit, den tollen Unterricht und auch die Prägung meiner Persönlichkeit bedanken.
  • Danke, dass Sie mir Englisch und Spanisch beigebracht haben.
  • Es ist jedes Mal schön, wenn ich an die zwei Jahre bei inlingua erinnert werde!!
  • Bitte sagen Sie dem tollen Lehrerteam viele liebe Grüße, ich denke wirklich oft und gerne an die Unterrichtsstunden zurück.

Please contact us and arrange a personal consultation with one of our study advisors. We always have time for you and will give you comprehensive advice and evaluate your language skills free of chargeContact
We would also be glad to show you our vocational school during one of our information events: you are cordially invited!

Dates Info events 2023

  • Wednesday, 08.02.2023, 18.00 in-person
  • Wednesday, 05.04.2023, 18.00 in-person
  • Wednesday, 10.05.2023, 18.00 online
  • Wednesday, 14.06.2023, 18.00 in-person
  • Wednesday, 12.07.2023, 18.00 in-person
  • Wednesday, 16.08.2023, 18.00 online
  • Wednesday, 15.11.2023, 18.00 online

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