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Subsidised English courses


Business English with final examination - Measure number: 843/1095/2021

  • Programme
    • Our advanced and continued training schemes form a complete package enabling (re-) integration into the labour market. They are financially supported on production of an educational voucher from the Agency for Employment / Jobcenter München, and can also be booked individually. 
    • Training goal/ content
    • inlingua language training in Business English solely in the target language and preparation for the examination by university-qualified native-speaking teachers.
    • Our certified measure, Business English, is structured in modules and covers levels A1 to C1 as defined by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
    • At the commencement date of each course, several groups start at varying levels. You take a placement test enabling us to put you in the most suitable group.
  • Duration
    2 months – full-time study
  • Number of lessons
    320 comprehensive lessons
    40 lessons a week
  • Tuition times
    Monday to Friday, eight lessons a day; 8:15am – 3:15pm
  • Number of participants
    approx. 10-12
  • Certificate
    Certificate of participation and
    European Language Certificate (A2 to B2) awarded by Telc GmbH
  • Course overview
  • Dates & Fees
  • Registration
    Any time. Please schedule an appointment with one of our advisors. We will gladly evaluate your skills, provide you with extensive information and advise you according to your goals:

    E-mail: info@inlingua-muenchen.de
    Tel.:        089 231153-0