• Our teachers

    The teaching staff consists of over one hundred native speakers, all trained in the inlingua method. There are about 30 teachers in the German Department and about 25 in the English Department.

    They are all native speakers and have a university or college degree. They speak their native languages with that degree of authenticity and differentiation that only practice from birth can give.

    Our teachers are themselves thoroughly trained in the inlingua method, which guarantees tuition that is both effective and full of variety. This internal training is monitored by the international inlingua Teacher Training Network (iTTN), so that a uniform standard of quality is ensured.

    Trainers for professionally-oriented courses have in addition experience in professions other than teaching. They thus have the necessary knowledge of the field.

    Are you interested in working for us on a fee basis and as a teacher of German as a foreign language?





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