TOEIC examination

Do you need proof of your English skills for your employer or do you want to evaluate skills when hiring or promoting employees? Then we recommend the TOEIC


  • The TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is the world's most widely used test of proficiency in business English. Over 5,000 companies around the world use the test for certification purposes. Use the TOEIC as evidence of your proficiency in English and to optimise your recruitment profile

  • The examination is a written one and tests reading and listening comprehension.

  • The questions in the TOEIC/TFI test are based on situations taken from real professional life in an international environment (conferences, business trips, telephone calls and so on).

  • The TOEIC/TFI test consists of 200 multiple-choice questions divided into two sections, with a specific amount of time allocated for completing each one. 


Examination location
inlingua Sprachschule, Munich. The TOEIC examinations are held on the school premises as we are an authorised examination centre. 

Registration for examination
Please register at least 7 working days before the desired exam. Please arrange an appointment with one of our consultants.
We will gladly provide you with extensive information and evaluate your skills free of charge. Contact

Examination dates 2017
(examinatin fee: € 185,00*)

  • 06.10.17
  • 03.11.17
  • 01.12.17

Examination preparation

  • Individual preparation for all examinations is available. Contact

You can find further information on TOIEC at

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