telc Deutsch A1

Do you need proof of your knowledge of German at Level A1 to obtain a Title of Residence or because you wish to apply for a visa as part of the procedure for joining your spouse? Then we recommend doing the telc German test (telc Deutsch A1).

A1 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Level A1 means that you can communicate in a simple way and express your concrete needs (e.g. introducing yourself, eating and drinking, shopping, accommodation) and that you are able to use some very simple grammatical structures.

The test comprises a written and an oral part.
telc Deutsch A1 is a test for all students who have attended approximately 100 to 150 German lessons. The test is recognised by all authorities in Germany and by all German embassies abroad.

Structure of test
The written test takes 65 minutes and the oral test (11 minutes) is held directly afterwards.

Examination location
inlingua Munich – the examination is held on the school premises.

Registration for examination
Any time. For further information and registration, please arrange an appointment with one of our consultants. Contact

€ 85,00

Examination dates in 2018

  • 10.07.18 (closing date for registration: 25.06.18)
  • 07.08.18 (closing date for registration: 24.07.18)
  • 11.09.18 (closing date for registration: 27.08.18)
  • 09.10.18 (closing date for registration: 24.09.18)
  • 13.11.18 (closing date for registration: 29.10.18)
  • 11.12.18 (closing date for registration: 26.11.18)




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