Integration courses/BAMF

inlingua Munich offers general integration courses (full-time) at all levels


Integration courses are subsidised language courses comprising a basic course followed by a consolidation course. Each course consists of 3 x 100 lessons of tuition, followed by an Orientation Course (100 lessons of tuition) covering the legal system, the culture and the history of Germany.

The Integration Course is a maximum of 700 hours long and ends with a test (DTZ=Deutsch Test für Zuwanderer + a test "Leben in Deutschland"). Participants who have already acquired some skills in German may start the course with a more advanced module. A placement test is used to ascertain the correct module. Regular attendance is mandatory.

Tuition times
Monday to Friday from 08.15 to 12.30

Number of lessons
25 lessons of tuition (45 minutes) per week
700 units of tuition altogether


  • € 1,95 per tuition unit = € 195 per month
  • The subsidised Integration Course costs € 1,95 per tuition unit. 100 hours, i.e. € 195 must be paid in advance on registration.

  • You can be exempted from contributing to costs if you receive unemployment benefit II or social assistance, or if you find it difficult to pay the contribution because of your low income.

  • Course material is not included

Dates 2017 (places still available):

  • 11.01.18: Basisstufe 1/Modul 1
  • 30.11.17: Basisstufe 2/Modul 2
  • 02.11.17: Basisstufe 3/Modul 3

Earliest possible registration is six weeks before course start.

Students with existing skills can join classes every month.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 13.00 and 14.00.
Pease bring the original Certificate of Eligibility or Obligation and your ID card/passport to the placement test and for enrolment.
Go to the underground stop at Sendlinger Tor and take the exit to Lindwurmstraße/Müllerstraße; the school entrance is in the courtyart.


In cooperation with the organisation Social-Bee, we help
the refugees attending our courses to actively integrate
themselves into the job market and into society



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