Vino e Parole - inlingua Sprachschule München

Vino e Parole

Vino e Parole – An Italian course with wine tasting

Together with the wine store GARIBALDI, we’re putting on “Vino e Parole”: An inlingua teacher gives you practical basic knowledge in Italian, GARIBALDI takes care of enjoying the wine and antipasti.

First there’s a quick introduction, and then you learn practical Italian by using examples taken from real life. Then at the wine tasting we put the theory into practice: because speaking Italian gets easier with wine and antipasti. It’s the ideal preparation for your next holiday in Italy: you’ll master conversations with winemakers and ordering in Italian in restaurants straight away!

Wine and words – vino e parole – are you in?
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The event takes place monthly at the GARIBALDI store in Bogenhausen.
You can order tickets for €39 either by phone on 089/ 57084833, or directly from any GARIBALDI store.

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