Course material

For optimum learning success, there must be a perfect match between the method of tuition and the course material used

  • The material for Levels C1 and C2 has been specially adapted according to the topic and the language goal

  • For all other languages there is also appropriate material for all levels

  • Für die Lernstufen A1 bis B2 benutzen wir unser inlingua Material

                  For this reason, inlingua International runs its own learnware publishing house, in which an international team of experts is continually engaged in developing our material. The material is utilised in accordance with uniform guidelines in all inlingua training centres throughout the world.

                  The inlingua course material is more than just a book. At every level, the student's books are complemented by work books, CDs, CD-ROMs, videos and demonstration material, as well as media such as telephone simulators, depending on the respective learning goal.

                  The CDs and the CD-ROMs enable students to repeat what has been learned outside the training itself, in a form that ensures variety and thus motivation. They also help to train listening comprehension and polish pronunciation.

                  To avoid making training with such a wide variety of material less efficient, the trainers are issued with comprehensive Resource Packs. Here, all the threads come together, so that the teachers are able to adjust to the progress being made in their group.


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