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D-80336 München
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Mon to Thu from 08.00 to 20.00
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Welcome to inlingua Munich

There are many reasons for choosing the inlingua language school in Munich for a language course, vocational training or your translation order:

inlingua Munich


  • 345 locations around the world
  • inlingua is one of the leading organizations of globally-operating language schools - regular quality control by inlingua international
  • inlingua method - our students are able to use their new language and converse in it within the shortest time

  • inlingua teachers - only a real native speaker can teach you German properly



The job of your life!

German for European Skilled Laborers (MobiPro-EU)

Hello and welcome to Munich!
If you’re looking for work as an engineer, technician, or on the nursing staff of a clinic or hospital, or in catering, you’re going to need a high proficiency in the German language. The MobiPro-EU Program and inlingua Munich will help you to develop that proficiency. Attend a government funded German course at inlingua to help prepare yourself for a technical career!
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